Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Update

Here's the latest! We had our first First Saturday Session on the 4th of June. It was a nice modest success. We had a slow session from 1-2pm took a break and then enjoyed a regular session where we went 'round the room and played tunes while enjoying "light" refreshment. Our next FSS is scheduled for 2 July at the Taft Pk studio.
The 10th of June found us in Pass Christian Mississippi giving a 2 hour concert for the opening of the Smithsonian Roots Music exhibit at the Pass Christian library. It was a tremendous event. The folks in charge we very efficient, kind, gracious. The 1st half of our program featured the music of the old world and, after a short break, the 2nd moved to the new world where we played tunes that travelled over with our old world ancestors.
We are now entering a more relaxed period during high summer. This is the time where we get to experiment with new tunes and new tune sets. Several of us will be attending the Swannanoa Gathering in mid-July where we will improve our technique and come back with some new tunes to share. We'll post a comment or two when we return and post some Photos too. Enjoy the summer!

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